I Need You!

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, my name is Judy. I write fantasy and science fiction. I’m about to venture into the world of self-publishing and I would absolutely love to take you with me. You may not need me the way I need you, but I sincerely believe that if you join me on this journey, you will not regret it. It, of course, won’t cost you a penny, just a little time and attention. In fact, stick with me, and there will be all kinds of freebies along the way. 

I’m building a fan base, so that when the time comes to launch my first book, there will already be folks looking forward to it.  

What do you get out of this? A chance to get in on the “ground floor” with a new author. Develop a unique relationship before too many other readers crowd the room, so to speak. For my first and most loyal readers, I’ll have free stories, free sneak-peeks, and many chances to weigh in on some works in progress, name characters and make suggestions. I can foresee a project that is like a full-on collaboration with you guys. That could be fun! 

I also need to find and build a small but dedicated cadre of beta-readers that would be willing to read a novel’s first draft in a timely fashion and then offer constructive criticism. 

If you are also an author, or have always wanted to be one, this can be a great way to follow along and find out what it’s like. I’ll write regularly about the struggles and triumphs, and anytime I figure out something specific that works, I’ll share it. I’ll share my tools with you as I find them and learn to use them. And when it comes to the actual publication process, I’ll take you with me every step of the way. 

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Thank you all for you time and attention! I will never take my readers for granted! 


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